Course Detail


Introduction to HTML

Use of HTML

Understanding the tag

Creating Layout

More about tag


Introduction to PHP

PHP Fundamental

PHP Syntax

Php delimiters

Php variable

Php constant

Evaluating expression

Understanding operators

Conditional statement

Understanding Iteration(for,while,do while)

Defining function

Passing argument inside function

Return type function

Php constructor and destructor

Implementing array

More array function

Implementing php code into html

HTML implementation into php

Understanding the server

Handling php form

Using $_GET and $_POST

Validating form

Handling invalid input

Understanding FTP server in detail

Php file upload

Php file download

Email handling

Handling error

Types of error in php

Understanding the website structure

Implementing dynamic function

Managing Admin Panel

Creating Session

Validating Session

Destroying Session

Creating Cookies

Validating Cookies

Deleting Cookies

String handling

Joining two string

Splitting a single string

array to string conversion

Comparing two string

Matching and replacing substring

More string functions

Object Oriented Programming

Introduction to OOPS

Class and Object





Introduction to MYSQL

Creating Database

Creating Table

Retrieving Data

Understanding queries

Droping table & Database

Retriving a single record



Project Works

Duration: 1.5 Months