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HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is used to creating web pages which run with browser. It can be assisted by technologies such as css and scripting languages such as a javascript.

Best HTML and CSS Training center in pitampura offered by MINFI Soluiton Pvt Ltd,New Delhi is designed for all the students who are looking to build a career in Web Development and to learn the website designing course in pitampura from the basic HTML level and with styling factors using CSS. We, at MINFI Solution Pvt Ltd, are making our students ready by html training in rohini them on all the updated software and tools which can be used in creating a website using the simple HTML language and CSS.

MINFI Soluiton Pvt Ltd makes sure that the gap between the academics and the industry standards & demands are filled by learning HTML course in pitampura and CSS Course in pitampura in with Us.

Course Content

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Use Of HTML
  • HTML Editors
  • Understanding The Tag
  • More About Tag
  • HTML Heading
  • HTML Paragraph
  • HTML Table
  • HTML List
  • HTML Comments
  • Using Colors
  • HTML Formatting
  • HTML Image
  • HTML Link
  • HTML Blocks
  • Creating Layout
  • Placing Image Into Table
  • Table Properties
  • HTML Forms
  • Creating Textfield
  • Checkbox & Radio Buttons
  • Creating Textarea
  • Adding Background
  • Understanding Enctype
  • Using File Field
  • HTML Doctype
  • HTML5 New Elements
  • Using Google Map
  • HTML Media
  • HTML Audio
  • HTML Video
  • Creating First HTML Page
  • Creating Complete Website
  • Project Management
  • Duration: 20 Hrs.
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