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What is Android?

History of Android

Overview of Android

Android versions & tools

Android fundamentals

Importance of java for Android Apps

Overview of Android SDK

Android features

Components and layout

Tasks and activities

Android manifest file

Android strings

Android resources

Android services

Android emulator

Creating Android Virtual Device

Working with AVD manager

Android Button

Android TextView

Android Radio Group

Android Checkbox

Android EditText

List View

List Activity

Creating Login Activity

Redirecting one Activity to another

Defining List Adapter

Performance Optimization

Android Action Bar

Android Title Bar

Hiding Title from Activity

Adding title of activity

Custom Views

Contextual action mode

Understanding Views

Working with Layouts

Accessing widgets in Activities

View interaction Layouts


Intent Filter

Defining Activities

Activity stack

Using the SQLite Database in Android

Working with Queries

Executing queries

Duration: 1 Month